Our Program

Transformation House is a spiritually based program that addresses addiction by integrating the most current and evidence-based practices in addiction treatment and mental health care with a mindfulness-based approach to self-discovery and self-awareness. For nearly 30 years, Transformation House has been providing treatment for individuals with substance use disorders with nourishing spiritual care combined with expert clinical practice. We believe that addiction is a condition that affects the whole of the individual and that treating the whole of the individual is necessary to overcome a substance use disorder.


What are the key elements of the program’s design?

Transformation House’s program is a combination of education, group therapy, and individualized counseling. Transformation House offers treatment at the high intensity residential, medium intensity residential, and outpatient level of care, and supports a continuum that allows each patient to progress at their own pace that is based on their own individual needs. Regardless of the patient’s level of care, Transformation House offers over 30 hours of programming weekly, ensuring that each patient is allowed to receive the services they need. We utilize a personalized, holistic health approach embracing evidence-based best practices to best treat mental and physical health. We listen, we respect, we understand and, above all, we help make a lasting change.

Does the design utilize evidence-based treatments?

Transformation House staff members utilize a variety of evidenced base practices, most notably Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Community Reinforcement Approach, and a variety of Mindfulness Based skills and coping techniques. In addition, Transformation House has recently enhanced its practice with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. In developing individualized treatment plans for our clients, we use a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on each person’s unique needs and desires.

Does the program use manualized treatment curricula?

Transformation House has a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy curriculum by Dr. Lane Pederson that was lately implemented. Transformation House also utilizes a culturally specific curriculum by White Bison, Inc. In addition, Transformation House utilizes manualized curriculums for Anger Management, Trauma Informed Care, and 12 Step Facilitation.

What experience does the program have in providing services to justice-involved population?

Since its beginnings in 1991, Transformation House has had a long and successfully history of working with individuals involved in the criminal justice system, including individuals on Work Release, Parole, Intensive Supervised Release, Supervised Release, Probation, Furlough, Drug Court, and the Anoka County Enhanced Treatment Program (ETP).

To what extent does the treatment team include multidisciplinary staff?

Transformation House’s multidisciplinary staff consists of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) working under supervision. In addition, Transformation House has Registered Nurses (non-prescribing medication) and Peer Recovery Specialists on staff, and access to a Medical Doctor when necessary. The Multidisciplinary team meets weekly and reviews each Transformation House patient and assesses their clinical progress utilizing ASAM Criteria.

Program Components

Transformation House multi-disciplinary team will work together to remove or mitigate barriers to our client’s success, attempting every therapeutic intervention.

Educational Group


Trauma-Informed Care


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Skills


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills


Relapse Prevention

Individual and Group Counseling

Grief and Loss Counseling 

Co-Occurring Disorders Education

Treatment Coordination: Integrating care with off-site providers, case workers, Child Protection, Probation

Peer Recovery Support

Medication Assisted Treatment (Methadone and Suboxone friendly)

Individualized length of stay based on client’s needs

After Care Plan – Sober Living