About Us

Our Mission – Who We Are

Transformation House mission is to rebuild people’s lives by supporting sobriety through discovery and development of self-awareness.

Our spirituality discovery activities vary widely, from lectures, mindfulness education, to meditation and more. Clients leave Transformation House programs with some form of connection to spirituality, gained through connections with peers and the treatment process. This connection enables individuals to rediscover purpose, meaning, and dignity in their lives, and to form creative, life-giving, intimate relationships with self, others, the universe, and a Higher Power.

Our Values – What We Believe In

Transformation House has a strong non-denominational spiritual foundation, which approaches each person’s life as a whole. We are client-centered, designed to provide a personalized treatment experience based on honesty, love and respect.

Unconditional Acceptance

Therapeutic Alliance

Evidence-Based Practice

Measurable Clinical Outcomes

Our Vision – Where We Are Going

It is the goal of Transformation House to continuously reach out to our clients with understanding and to our community with additional services as needed. We will continue to develop our professional staff, our program services and our residences to meet the needs of our clients.

Betty Mathews

Founder of Transformation House

“I established Transformation House in 1990. My mission began in 1971 providing shelter and emergency housing to people experiencing homelessness. Having over 50 years of experience as a substance use disorder professional, I have personally observed the need to help people struggling with addiction and mental health issues by using the values of love, respect, and honesty. At Transformation House, our multidisciplinary team takes a holistic approach to each individual addiction, mental health, culture, family background, to identify needed changes and set goals for the future. The warm surrounding of our residences creates an atmosphere that is conducive to abstinence and growth. Our programs are spiritually based and built respecting each person individual believe.”