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Addiction treatment center serving people suffering from the impact of substance use and mental health, rebuilding their lives through evidence-based modalities and holistic approaches.

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Addiction Treatment Center

Minnesota Substance Use and Mental Health Services

Transformation House is a behavioral healthcare provider specializing in substance use disorders and mental health treatment services. Based in Anoka, MN with facilities around the North Metro area of Minneapolis, we conveniently serve individuals from all Minnesota counties. Our residential facilities, outpatient clinics, and sober living offer client-centered treatment with exceptional support solutions for families, social workers, case managers, and referents. 


Residential treatment services provide intensive, round-the-clock care for individual struggling with addiction and mental health issues.


Intensive outpatient treatment services offer flexible, effective treatment options for individuals with addiction and mental health problems.

Mental Health

Mental health services encompass a range of treatments and support aimed at improving the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals.

What We Do

Transformation House combines modern, evidence-based treatment for substance use and mental health disorders with a mindfulness approach for over 30 years. Focused on treating addiction as a holistic condition, we provide individualized care covering physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our comprehensive services range from intensive residential and outpatient treatment to psychiatric services, medication-assisted therapy, and aftercare with recovery housing.

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Purpose Is What Drives Us

We are passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives, inspiring meaningful changes. Located in the North metro, we have facilities in Anoka, Champlin, and Fridley, MN. 

Evidence-Based Modalities

At Transformation House, we prioritize evidence-based modalities in line with the ASAM criteria, ensuring our treatment plans are both effective and tailored to individual needs. Our team, skilled in these criteria, offers client-centered, multidimensional care that addresses a range of issues including trauma, substance abuse, and mental health. We focus on creating clear, measurable, and achievable goals within a holistic framework that emphasizes the mind-body connection. Our approach combines professional expertise and compassion with a strong commitment to evidence-based, strengths-based treatment.

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Personalized treatment plans
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We assist our clients with releasing the pain and trauma of the past, letting go anxiety and angst about the future, to be completely present, aware, and awakened to the now.    

Self-Discovery and Empowerment

While the visible consequences of addiction are well known, such as the loss of a job, home, marriage, etc., the loss of self is perhaps the most damaging. At Transformation House, we begin by helping our clients explore and rebuild their sense of self so that they can take an active role in their treatment experience and recovery.

We nourish this process through a holistic approach that utilizes unconditional positive regard and mindfulness practices. Evidence shows that mindfulness reduces stress, anger, and hostility among populations in treatment by increasing their engagement, and awareness of their thoughts and emotions, helping with their rehabilitation, and supporting sobriety. 

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Transformation House Full Continuum Model of Care™

Co-Occurring SUD and Mental Health Residential Treatment

Integrated residential treatment for co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health conditions.

Outpatient High Intensity and IOP
Flexible, intensive outpatient treatment with fewer disruptions to daily life that can provide effective support and skill-building for addiction recovery.
Non-Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Gradual transition from intensive treatment to less structured outpatient care, providing ongoing support for addiction recovery and relapse prevention.
Mental Health & Psych Services

Mental health and psychiatric services provide personalized support and therapy to identify and address underlying issues that contribute to addiction, promoting lasting recovery.

Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)
Suboxone is a safe alternative to opioids that reduces cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and overdose risks. It also helps managing chronic pain, lower criminal behavior, enhance social functioning improving relationship, increasing employment and educational opportunities.
Recovery Residence
Recovery housing provides safe, supportive, and sober environments to promote sustained long-term recovery.
Extended Care and Prevention
Ongoing therapy and alumni program to prevent relapse and community building.

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