Transformation House A 


Transformation House II A for Women - Fridley House - is licensed by the State of Minnesota to provide chemical dependency treatment services. One Fridley House women's program is housed in an eleven-plex apartment building. Transformation House Fridley is a Rule 31 licensed facility. It is spacious but when all 28 clients are present, there is plenty of activity. It is located in Fridley, Minnesota on 74th Avenue NE, adjacent to University Avenue NE.


Transformation House B

Transformation House II B for women in Fridley is an 8 plex unit completely remodeled and houses 20 women. This facility is designed for high intensity clients.

Both Transformation House A and B have the same address and are adjacent to one another.

Fridley House II, both A and B have Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors whom are experienced in working with women.