A Welcome to Transformation House

from Betty Mathews, Owner/Executive Director

BettyM.JPGAs founder and director of Transformation House, I am glad to present you the options that are available to anyone who is chemically addicted. This program would be an excellent choice to help you change your life. We are a client-centered program where each person is individually assessed for the type of treatment program they will be given.

Transformation House was established by me in 1990. Having 45 years of experience as a chemical dependancy professional, I personally observed the need to help persons who are chemically dependent using honesty, love, and respect. At Transformation House, chemical dependancy professionals look at the person in terms of addictions, cultures, family background, needed changes and future goals. The warm surroundings at Transformation House create an atmosphere that is conducive to abstinence and growth. The program has a strong spiritual basis respecting each persons individual spirituality.